Life Between Lives - A Spiritual Regression

Have you ever wondered if you lived before and if so what your past life or lives were like? Or what happens in the interim between each life, each incarnation?

With Hypnosis you can find the answers to these questions by regressing through this lifetime to your most recent past life and then to that space between one life and the next, between one incarnation and the next.

This regression allows you to explore the spiritual world, understand yourself better and promote healing at a very deep level. It can alleviate the fear of death and help if you are grieving the loss of a loved one.

The regression itself takes four hours, the first one hour session is done virtually. You are given a relaxation induction and asked to record the session and listen to it several times in the week preceding the regression.

The second three hour session is in person and you will be taken back in time to explore your past life and life between lives.

If you are interested please email me at
or phone 604-773-5595
The overall cost is $450.00

Clients who call on the 1st of each month will pay a discounted fee of $300.00